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I made nearly zero progress on my fun web app at work today. I absolutely hate when that happens because I feel like I do all kinds of work, but then I come out with very little forward movement. I’m starting to think that I know very little about javascript, and I’m just bumbling my way through things. I’m at the point where I can read it but I can’t write it. It’s kind of like Spanish. I know enough to get by and figure out what someone is trying to say, but I can’t quite say anything back. I’m losing my mind with it. 

I guess this is to be expected since I have only finished two courses on and have pretty much forgotten some of the fundamentals. I’m running before I can walk. I think that’s causing me some problems. I’m also very tired. I was tired all day and I’m tired now. I did accomplish some good things at work, even if I didn’t get much further with my web app. I’m glad I have a little raspberry pi at the house so I can do some stuff on it. I know I can run apache on anything, but I really don’t have any reason to shut off my raspberry pi, because it just sits there and doesn’t make noise. I was really into running virtual machines, but the problem with them is they shutdown when I turn off my big machine. Rapsberry pi is much more convenient.

Speaking of the pi, I’m having a bunch of trouble with my template for my wooden computer box. I can’t seem to make it fit ont he keyboard I have and no matter how many measurements I take, I can’t make it all fit. Man, I feel like this post has been full of negative stuff so far and I don’t like that at all. Nobody wants to read a negative nancy post.

GOOD NEWS! Here we go. I bought a new wallet/money clip thing today! It’s not like a traditional billfold. It has this really cool foldy jacobs ladder magic string on it that clamps down your money or reciepts or other bits of paper. As far as I’m concerned, it was engineered by wizards. I wanted something that I could fit in my front pocket because sitting on my wallet all the time was causing me some serious leg pain. I thought it might be something I did in my sleep or something, but then I realized that my leg only hurt when I sat for long periods of time. I ended up diagnosing myself and found that my wallet was causing all my problems. My new front pocket money clip thing has saved the day! No leg pain!

Good ending paragraph, blog. We’ll go ahead and cut this off here before I get tired and cynical again. Yay!

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