Mon, Jan 14, 2013 4-minute read

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I missed writing in my blog yesterday and now my Seinfeldian Chain has a gaping hole in it that will never be filled :(. I’m pretty bummed out about this and was incredibly pbothered when I woke up and realized that I hadn’t done the one task that I set out to do everyday. My OCD can’t handle these types of things. My mind started racing with ways that I can fix it, but I kept running into the problem of not being able to turn back the clock. Unfortunately, time is a thing that you can’t get back once it goes by. All I can do from here is try to make sure I don’t screw it up again >_<. So we’ll just start fresh from today and try this again.

Steph and I had an incredible date day today. We actually spent a ton of time at Bond Park, the park up the road, and just enjoyed being together. We went on a walk around one of the trails and it ended up bringing us back to where we started but we were at the top of an awesome hill where a ton of kids were playing. You basically overlook a huge open field from on top of this hill, so we just found a bench and sat together talking for a while. It’s amazing what the world can be like when you are just sitting around free from distractions. We had great conversation and watched all the people spending time together.

What’s pretty awesome about doing this is that we just talked about coming together as a people at church today. Our pastor, Mike Lee, was encouraging us to spend time with people and come together in order to grow spiritually. He had a lot of awesome things to say and a bunch of great points. The average Facebook user has 314 “friends.” I don’t think I even know 314 people. I read somewhere once that people can only truly sustain up to around 100 friendships before the quality of the relationships starts to suffer. I totally believe that’s an accurate figure. I don’t even know how you know that many people. I think I would rather have 10 awesome friends that I trust completely than have 314 random people who call themselves my friend. I may have 100 friends on my list, but half of them don’t use Facebook anymore and the rest of them just have really cool things to say that I like to hear about. A lot of them are also friends I had in high school that I just like to keep up with and be able to say hi to every once in a while.

That was a pretty significant tangent for this blog, but it came to mind so I figured I would head off on that bunny trail. Steph and I are trying to do our couple’s devotions again. We were really good there for a little while but we fell off the bandwagon for a bit. There are a lot of bandwagons we’ve fallen off of ┬áhere lately, but we’re really going to try it over again. We just need to learn to quit quitting, and to get right back on the horse afterwards. We have a tendency to go for a time without thinking about stuff, then realize we’re way off base. My todoist todo list is going to help a lot with it I think. I made it my homepage in Chrome so I get reminded of stuff every time I jump on the computer to do something. It’s kind of helpful. I have a lot of things on it, but I’m trying to get to everything as best I can. A lot of it is just things I’d like to do, but don’t have any real timeline for. We’ll see how far we get.

Wow, I’m all over the place with my thoughts tonight. I need to get it together with all my writing. I need to stop just dumping my whole brain into this and pick something and stick with it. Eh, this is for me anyway. I might enjoy reading it all someday :)