The White Rabbit

Fri, Jan 18, 2013 3-minute read

I was so stupid late for work this morning. I woke up a full 30 minutes AFTER I should have been there. I woke up and noticed that it was a whole lot brighter in the room than it normally was…then it hit! The panic! I flipped out when I saw that it was 8:06. I normally wake up at 6:45. The good news is that my job doesn’t really require me to have a set schedule and I don’t HAVE to be there at the same time everyday. I made up for the time this afternoon so it was no big deal. I emailed my boss about it but he never responded, so I’m going to guess that all is well. Still in my probationary period too >_<. Regardless of not having a real schedule, I still am disappointed in myself. I should have been there. Well, there is always tomorrow!

In other news, it’s snowing outside! That’s right! I left WV to get away from it, and it managed to ┬áhit us here in NC. It’s hilarious to hear the news and watch people freak out over it. It’s supposed to snow about 2 inches, which is craziness for these poor people. It’s like the end of the world is occuring. I have to say that I am a bit nervous about driving into work in the morning. I mean, I know how to drive in the snow and ice, but I’m not too confident in the rest of the NC populous. Not to mention, they just don’t have the equipment to treat the roads down here. This doesn’t happen nearly enough for them to worry about it. SNOWMAGEDDON!

They actually told us that work ┬ámay be called off for tomorrow. Not in the way you would hope. They just don’t want us to come in. You see, my job allows me to work remotely if necessary, so I still get to work, I just get to do it at home. Well, not really. I don’t have the ability to badge in remotely thanks to not having an account wherever it is that I’m supposed to be able to do that. So I guess I have to go in just so I can badge in and I might as well work. Let’s just hope I can make it there tomorrow and not get into any trouble on the roads. I may just have to go in late again, which doesn’t bother me too much. The traffic is crap at that time of the day though. Maybe I could wake up, do some work from home, then head in. That might be a possibility for me. Hmmm.

Well, it’s already late and I don’t have a whole lot going on at the moment. Going to be out of town on Saturday helping Ash with stuff, but I should be able to blog. Must not break the chain! I guess even if I get to write a paragraph for a minute that would be something. I’ll count it. I’ve started to wonder what all the different categories of post actually do. There are several that allow for short, sweet, posts of things. I might give one of those a shot if I feel really short on time. We’ll see what happens!