I Had No Idea...

Tue, Jan 29, 2013 2-minute read

I was sitting here struggling with what to come up with to write about tonight when I went my old faithful muse…Reddit. This site used to have no interest to me whatsoever, despite my buddy Lando’s constant badgering for me to look at it. I never liked it because I guess I just didn’t understand what it was all about. I tend to take in all the “pretty lights” on a webpage, so Digg always appealed to me more. Plus, Reddit always seemed to be the place atheists went to pick on people who believe in…anything.

Well, over time I’ve found that I too can enjoy Reddit. As long as I have the Reddit Enhancement Suite and I filter all the atheist propaganda. I know that doesn’t sound right, but sometimes you just want to browse the internet. I respect them for their decisions, but I don’t want to be badgered with it all day, just like they don’t want me to badger them all day. I do get a kick out of all the things that I learn on the site which brings me to the subject of my post.

I was looking at a post about “30 Mind Blowing Facts About Famous Movie Scenes” and proceeded to have my mind blown! Did you know that the little girl in Monster’s Inc. was actually a toddler? They had to follow around with a microphone because she wouldn’t sit still. Then they pieced together the dialogue they needed to create a performance. You have to hand it to Pixar for being that pure when it comes to making a movie. They really don’t play around. These are the same people that put a tiny camera in the grass to see what the world looks like from a bug’s perspective. That’s what they referenced when designing the look of the movie. Crazy stuff!

Also, when Sean Connery played James Bond, he wore a tupee. Yep! In all of the movies. These are really cool little tidbits I like to know. I also learned that The Big Lebowski contained a crap ton of instances of the F word, “man”, and “dude.” I knew that, but those numbers are in the 100’s. That stuff has to be improvised, because I don’t think anybody can write that much random crap. 

Today was educational. Off to do…something else.