That Felt Good

Fri, Feb 1, 2013 4-minute read

Tonight was the epic return of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. We rode into the internet on tigers and showed the world what real fun felt like. It was amazing. I can’t believe we haven’t done that in six months. The best part about it was that there were a ton of people in the chat enjoying it all with us! I couldn’t believe the turn out we had! Even people who had brand new babies came by! I am extremely grateful for our friends out there in internet-land and the real world who feel like we’re worth listening to. They are so very awesome. I would argue that we have the coolest listeners in the world…and I really don’t have time to take any counter arguments, so don’t you worry about that.

I sometimes think that I was born in the best time for someone like me. Back in the day, if you really liked to talk to masses of people, you had to go get someone to believe you had the talent, or go be a preacher of some sort. Now any joker with a microphone can put their voice out on the internet and see who picks it up. We don’t let a handful of suits in a conference room decide whether we have talent, we let the populace decide that. Then, even if they don’t like the show, we can still do it no matter what. It doesn’t cost a whole lot to do it. It costs a little bit more to do a show with decent quality, but once the investment is made, the operating cost is nearly non-existent.

I once gave a speech back in college where I encourage the other people in class to get out there and make their own stuff. We are in an age of independence when it comes to media and who gets to make the rules. I’ve pretty much been trying┬áto entertain folks in one way or another since I was old enough to talk. Whether it was telling horrible jokes to my family, playing in a band, making movies, or now talking on the internet. I don’t have the self-confidence to go out and try to be on the radio or do something on TV or the stage, but I do have the confidence to turn on a microphone, point a camera at myself, and start talking. And some would argue the internet is the toughest place to deal with. Lots of scoundrels out there. I just feel like it’s right for me to be doing this, and I honestly want to be doing this in some capacity for the rest of my days. It may not always be H&H, but it can be something.

There was a dark time a couple months ago where I felt like H&H was dead. I didn’t really want to tell anybody, especially myself, but I had lost faith that it could come back. It was hard to deal with, because it was like losing your best friend. Ashley and I really get to vent and tell each other all kinds of stuff through the show. We didn’t have that and it was sad. Because at the end of the day, H&H is really just a phone call between the two of us…we just put in some filler. We like to pretend that the show is about the odd news, but let’s be serious for a second; this show is about our lives. Through humor and rage we weave a tale that makes our generally boring, simple lives seem like there is a lot of substance to them. We have a great time doing it too! We both lift each other up, listen to each other rant, and generally just have a good time. We just happen to let other people in on the jokes ;)

I’m glad we’re back at it and I can’t wait to see where it takes us. This is really exciting!