Thumpin’ in My Trunk

BassI’m surrounded by bass on all sides. Not bass like the fish; bass like the sound. The problem with this particular bass is that it’s not mine. I live in an apartment complex, which is basically a simple way of saying “a concentrated area of people who, though separated, share a common living space.” I get to live in my downstairs neighbor’s living room at random points of the day via her excellent sound system. It’s definitely a really good one, but unfortunately for me, I don’t want to have to listen to it all time. The neighbor next to us has an even more powerful system. The worst part about her is that her bedroom is right up against ours. We had the privilege of waking up to 90’s rap hits on Saturday morning around 9am >_<.

I’m a little grumbly tonight. Maybe it’s the hemorrhoid talking. Most likely it’s just because I’m listening to all kinds of music from all around me. I feel like I kind of lost my afternoon today thanks to a pretty hefty shopping trip. Steph and I went to the grocery store and spent a crapton of money on groceries. We needed all of it for sure, but holy crap! We have been doing a lot better about staying on budget and not eating out a lot. We’ve been playing around in and working on saving more money. Their budget feature is pretty awesome for that since it will really let you focus in on where the problem areas are. We don’t have a lot of problem areas, but we tend to nickle-and-dime ourselves to death randomly all over the place.

I honestly don’t have a lot of steam at the moment due to my butt. I’m not in any pain, but it’s just one of those things where you know that something isn’t right. I thought about going to the doctor and probably will if I’m not better by Friday. Hopefully they don’t want me to do a surgery, becuase I know that’s no good for anybody. Raleigh has some fancy pants hemorrhoid clinic where they basically zap your ‘roid and it goes away on it’s own. Maybe that would be an option so I don’t have to worry about “getting cut” as my dad says. We’ll see what happens and I’ll keep you posted!

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