Church Folk

Mon, Feb 11, 2013 4-minute read

hopechurch Today was an absolutely fantastic day! I’m super tired, mentally exhausted, and I’m having trouble putting sentences together, but that is all because I’m just running low on sleep. So if my sentences seem a little boring, slow, or otherwise uninteresting it’s because I’m struggling to hold together a coherent thought. My brain is normally stuck together with JB Weld, but today it feels more like bubble gum. But I need to tell you about why I’m so tired and why I’m so thankful for it.

Today was my first day volunteering with my church, Hope Community Church, as a stagehand! I helped a bunch of awesome people setup the stage today! Our church takes place in a middle school auditorium so we have to have all of our own equipment. It has to be setup in the morning and torn down in the afternoon. The school continues to let us use their place because we always put it back together so well and you would barely know we were there. So I got to participate in setting up the trusses and lights today! I had so much fun meeting some people and working with them to get the stage put together. Everybody was super cool and really made me feel right at home with them. Stephy got to help to so I wasn’t there completely by myself.

Stephanie also got to get involved with Middle school kids a little bit like she’s been wanting to. She seems like she’s got a bunch of super cool people to hang out with. I think we both really have been blessed to find such an excellent church. Everyone is so incredibly friendly and welcoming. I honestly can’t remember a time when I felt so at home at a church. I honestly didn’t think it was possible for me to really get involved anywhere. I’ve had churches that I love but I think that we’ll really be able to build a “family” here. I’m glad too since this is the place that Steph and I want to call home for a very long time.

Stephanie said it before we moved. She said, “I think God has some really incredible things in store for us if we just listen and do what He says.” I have no doubt that she’s right. I think there are going to be a lot of challenges placed in front of us and a lot of things that take me, especially, out of my comfort zone. I’m so wary of the unfamiliar and things that I can’t predict the outcome for. I think that’s something that God may be trying to show me. Most of the time the unexpected things are the most rewarding, and I saw some of that today. I really can’t wait to get more involved in everything and maybe get a position that I can take over. Don, the guy I got hooked up with, said that he may give me another job like lightboard or lyrics in the morning. I really like that idea because I’m really techie and it’s something that I can enjoy.

Anyway, this whole blog post was just to express the joy I feel in the way God is working in my life. It feels really good to have some direction and know that the direction is going to continue to be revealed. We’re also starting up with our small group on February 20th, so I think that will be really awesome. We’ll be meeting more people and hopefully forging some friendships that will really make a difference for us and for them. It’s been tough to get there, but I think I’m really open for some uncomfortable situations that really stretch me as a human. I get stretched technically at work all the time, but I suppose it’s time I get stretched in some other way. I hope I can take it!