The Wise Man's Fear

Sat, Feb 16, 2013 4-minute read

I finally picked up the second book in Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy. I’m so pumped to start tearing through it. I haven’t been this excited about a writer since I first found The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. They are two completely different writers but both are so talented at what they do. They both breathe such life into their characters to the point where you’re convinced that they have to have split personalities when they write. I don’t see how someone can write 10+ characters and give them each a different and completely unique voice. Abercrombie is incredibly skilled at that. Patrick Rothfuss just writes his words as poetry. There is a certain magic in how he writes that keeps you coming back. Reading it is like hearing music. You feel it, see it, hear it and it’s all magic. It’s like having synesthesia.

That whole paragraph was just something that I wanted to say on the onset of this blog post but will have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this. That’s okay to me though because that’s just my style. I haven’t written in a few days but I think I’m doing really well in at least staying mindful of the need to write in my blog. Writing everyday may force me to bring up random content that’s not even interesting to me. I intend to write in this so that one day I can go back through and see where I was at the time. Future Stephen might really dig going through this, but I also want to minimize the risk of him getting bored.

This week was mostly uneventful, with the most exciting thing being that Steph and I got to celebrate Valentine’s day together on Thursday. We both had a great time just spending time together drinking wine, eating an incredible steak cooked by here, and pretty much just enjoying each others company. Work went really well all week for the most part and I feel like I’m getting my feet under me as time goes on. I actually ended up doing some good stuff on Friday and even stayed over to make sure I could actually accomplish something really good. I’m trying to be awesome at my job and I think I’m doing a halfway decent job. I know we’re doing a good job as a whole because the systems aren’t dying that often. It’s really encouraging to know that things are working out fairly well.

The show is also going incredibly well and I’m so excited to be doing it again. I don’t mean to go on and on about it, but it really is something pretty major in my life and I felt a little lost without it during my week. It gives me an opportunity just to get laugh at stuff and have a good time. I really stop thinking about pretty much anything while we do the show and it’s incredibly freeing. I go a little overboard sometimes when I do stuff, but it’s never too bad. I’m just glad that I get to talk to Ash again every week. She’s super cool and I kind of felt like I didn’t have my buddy while we weren’t doing the show. She was so preoccupied with her school stuff that we never really got to talk a whole lot. H&H is kind of like our weekly phone call but we just let other people get involved and chit chat with us. SO MUCH FUN!

I have nothing else to talk about, other than that I’m sitting in the living room writing this and Stephanie is watching _Glee. _I don’t want to be watching _Glee _but I like sitting in here with Steph. I guess I’m lucky that she’s letting me use her laptop so that I don’t have to  pay too much attention. That being said, I may go find a quiet place to sit and read or something. This show is really getting the best of me. :P