Mon, Feb 18, 2013 4-minute read

Today, Stephanie and I finally got a chance to go on a bit of a date. We’ve been so wrapped up in so many different things that we’ve really struggled to find some good quality time to just get out and do something together. We’re grateful for our packed little lives, but we really need some good ol’ fashioned “us” time. Every couple needs that time so they can just deflate and spend some time learning a bit more about each other. I don’t care how long you’ve been with your significant other, never stop dating. It’s the most important piece of good info that can be passed along to you.

Today started pretty much like any Sunday. We went to church first thing, which is pretty much becoming the highlight of my week. I’m having a blast getting to know these awesome people and getting involved a bit. Stephanie has really been the one getting us into this stuff because she was brave enough to volunteer just one time and it’s really spiraled into something beautiful. Thanks to her connections, I got to help someone do something techie today. I helped somebody figure out what kind of cable they needed to succeed in a certain small techie endeavor. I also found out they needed a couple ethernet cables and was happy to volunteer my skill in making some. I ended up making a couple 8 foot cables they could use as spares for when they needed them.

After church, we ended up going to Mellow Mushroom for some pizza. We know good and well that it doesn’t fit into our diet, but we really wanted to just go somewhere that would take a while. MM takes forever to get you your food and that’s just what we were looking for. We had a blast just sitting and talking. She helped me out with a few things that I’ve been struggling with, and we also just got to sit and hang out with each other. We had no agenda and no pressure at all. We just sat around eating our pizza and enjoying each others company. It was an absolute blast.

We went to pick up my comics after that and I finally got to read the finale of “Death of the Family” which ended up being every bit as awesome as I expected. Batman has proven again to ┬ábe one of the most complex and dynamic heroes out there. Scott Snyder, the guy currently writing Batman, is doing an incredible job twisting some old characters into something greater. He even created some new adversaries with “The Court of Owls” storyline. I think Batman is probably the hero who has benefited most from this whole “New 52” business that DC did a little over a year ago. It’s fantastic.

Besides comics and dating, I’m really excited to start going to the small group that we were invited to at church. Our campus pastor actually invited us to join his and we were so honored. He such a cool dude and I’m so pumped to get to know he and his family better and join up with some of their friends to help each other out and keep each other accountable. I’ve never been really comfortable in those kinds of scenarios because I tend to bottle up all my worries, but I think it’ll be good for me. The pastor, Donnie, is such an amazing guy and I think this could be a really good opportunity to be pushed to do something greater than myself. I’m kind of like a wet noodle when it comes to certain things in my life, and I need people to constantly make sure I’m facing forward. I’m not sure the “wet noodle” analogy works in that last sentence, but just go with it.

I’m going to go write a bit in a new story I’m trying to write. I have no idea where it’s going and I have no agenda, but I’m sure the characters in it will take me somewhere. We’ll see what happens. I’m not going to be heart broken if I can’t pull it together into something that makes sense. It’s really just something to see if I can pull together my creativity. I wrote amazing things years ago and I think that the guy who wrote those is in my brain somewhere. I just have to drag him out even if he comes kicking and screaming :)