Laptops and Guns

Sun, Feb 24, 2013 4-minute read

This weekend has been really good for me so far! I’ve been able to do some pretty fun things and at least one “first” for me. On Friday, my new laptop came! I finally broke down and pulled the trigger on a new machine. I’ve been without a laptop since probably October of last year. Thanks, mostly, to my thought that if I sold my laptop I would be able to quickly purchase a new one using the money I earned. I pulled in $300 for my old laptop and that didn’t quite do it for me. We ended up needing to use that for other stuff and I was out my $300 savings. So I spent the next months planning my next purchase, much to the frustration of all of my friends. I finally managed to pull it off and come up with something that I could use and enjoy!

I picked up a 13" Macbook Pro with Retina display! I got it off the Apple refurb store, and ended up saving me $230 over all. It’s from late October so it’s not even that old, which is great. They did just release some updates but it only really bumped the processor by 100Mhz, which really doesn’t do that much for me anyway. It has 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. The SSD is really small, but after getting everything installed I still have 95GB of storage left over. Considering I don’t download music off iTunes (Spotify) and I won’t be using this for Photos so much (needs TONS of storage), I think it will do me for a while. I also have the option of upgrading the storage at some point since it isn’t soldered on, so I can always do that in the future if I really get in a bind. The cloud has really helped out with this whole small storage thing. I also won’t be using it for gaming. It’s mostly going to be used at work and just to have something portable for blogging, doing work in the living room, and other types of things. I love it so far and I’m pumped about it :)

I also got to go to a gun show this weekend! My father-in-law is really into guns and stuff so it was kind of cool to go with him. He ended up finding a guy who was selling the steel ammo cases for $12 a piece. That’s a killer deal apparently. I think he bought four of them. I wandered around a bit just to see what gun shows were all about. There was a ton of stuff there. They had everything from revolvers, to assault weapons, to knives, to baseball cards. Not sure how the baseball cards belonged in there, but I guess people there were just collectors of things for the most part anyway. There was some really cool WWI and WWII stuff there too. I saw some gas masks, leather holsters, and other things that were really old.

All the people were really nice too. I ended up buying a few sticks of beef jerky that were delicious. Go figure I would go to a gun show and sniff out some delicious food. The guy was selling jalapeno beef jerky and he just mentioned it as I was walking by. It was delicious! It had just the right amount of heat to it. It didn’t hurt but it made your tongue tingle a little bit. My brother-in-law, Stephen, and his son were also there and it was good hanging out with them too. Stevie, his son, is a really cool kid and he’s got a lot of the same interests that I have. It’s kind of nice to be able to nurture some of his hobbies and things so I can help him get into some cool stuff. He’s really into linux right now so I’m glad I have that experience to help him get into some things. I hope I’m doing it all right 0_o

Well, I have to get up super early and go to the church in the morning to help put the stage together. I’m really excited about it. It’s the second time I’ll be helping out so I really hope that I can do a decent job and remember what to do. It’s a little intimidating but I think I can pull it off. I’m just going to dive in headfirst and do some stuff and hopefully it will all come together. Everybody is really nice so I’m not too worried about. Hooray for doing something good!!