Lights and Ladders

Mon, Feb 25, 2013 3-minute read

I got to wake up at the crack of dawn this morning to go help setup the church this morning and once again had a really good time. Everybody there is so nice, and they had plenty of things that needed done. I won’t go too much into it other than I had a blast, met some cool people, talked to a few more folks, and I just hope that I can keep learning more stuff and get more involved.

I did learn one that that deserves to be talked about and that’s the “over/under” cable wrapping method. Dave had mentioned this to me a few times, but I really had no idea what he was talking about. A guy at the church mentioned that the cables were over/under so it should be easy to unravel them. That’s when I thought what Dave had said and it became extremely important that I finally look up what he was talking about. I totally learned how to properly roll a cable! I’m pretty excited about it. Also, I love YouTube because without it I might have never figured it out 0_o.

The second big adventure that I had today was rescuing our neighbor from a particularly terrible situation. Stephanie and I drove home after seeing “Warm Bodies,” which was good by the way, and we saw our neighbor standing by her car. I had assumed that she just got home, but then she told us that she had been locked out of her apartment…by her dog! Her dog had managed to jump up on the door and lock the security lock. That’s the lock that doesn’t have a visible outside “unlock” mechanism. This was incredibly unfortunate since no lock smith could get it open, no key would work, and well…there’s no way to open that door.

She ended up calling maintenance and they couldn’t do anything but bring a ladder over so she could climb up on her porch, go in and then unlock it. That’s when I come in. I helped the maintenance lady carry the super huge ladder over and get it set up. I was a little nervous about how their dogs would react, so our neighbor had volunteered to go up, but when the time came, she wasn’t quite up to it. I just manned up and went up there like a BOSS. The dog ended up running right past me barking a lot. I just wandered to the front door, opened it up, and TADA! It was pretty awesome. I’ve never climbed onto a back porch with a ladder but it was definitely fun enough. I like helping people out, especially when it comes to doing something that I don’t normally get into :).

So today was a little bit more adventurous than a typical Sunday. I had a good time with it! I’ve also had a good time playing on my new port-o-puter and setting it all up. I think it’s ready for its first day at work tomorrow. We’ll see how it all goes!