Samuel Parker Adams

Sun, Mar 8, 2015 4-minute read

My first child is coming into the world tomorrow.

Writing that sentence is nuts. It’s still sinking in that tomorrow is the day that my life changes forever. We found out a week ago that we would need to have this pregnancy induced in order for Sam to make his way out into the world. It’s kind of awesome knowing the day we’re going to get him, but it’s also a little terrifying. It’s given me time to be more anxious about the whole thing that I would have if it was a total surprise. I’m currently downstairs on the couch, letting Stephanie rest up for the time we have ahead. We’re going into the hospital tonight to start the process, then tomorrow they’ll really try to get this ball rolling. Praying that everything goes well and she has an easy time delivering the little guy. I still haven’t fully processed everything that is going to happen, but I don’t think anybody is able to predict how they’ll feel or what they’ll do after they have their first kid.

Samuel Parker Adams will be his full name. We’re so proud of that. Some might say we’re setting him up by naming him after a beer, but that’s really not what it’s about. Samuel means “God hears.” It’s based on Hannah’s story from the bible. God blessed her and provided her with a child who she named Samuel. It also happens to be the name of Samuel Adams from American history, as well as a Samuel Adams in my family line who fought in the War of 1812. Stephanie’s revolutionary war ancestor was also named Samuel, so it’s a name that has a lot of history behind it. Parker is a name we both just liked. No real story behind that one other than we think it’s nice. It’s kind of awesome how it blends classic and modern. Sam Adams. I love that!

We’re waiting on the call from the hospital now. They’ll call us, we’ll go in and do this thing. I’m nervous, but also just enjoying some downtime before everything changes. Stephanie and I went out and enjoyed a wonderful date day yesterday, because we know it might be a little while before we get some “us” time. We know good and well that there may be some reduced time for us just to chill, but we’re both super excited about it. We don’t really look at Sam as an end to an era, he’s the beginning of an amazing new journey that we both get to go on together. People have been super awesome at supporting us and letting us know that they are there for us and are at our beckon call if we need anything. That’s been amazing. We’ve also been told a bunch how much sleep we’ll lose, how dirty we’ll always be, how tired we’re going to find ourselves, and how unable we’ll be to spend time together as just the two of us. All of those things are true, but we’re choosing to approach this as a new opportunity to grow closer to each other. We’ve decided to look at it as a tighter union, and a joint effort to raise a young man who can be someone that may do some amazing things.

I’m just excited to discover things with him. I want to take him on adventures and see the world through his eyes. Everything that has become somewhat stale to us is going to be brand new because we get to see him experience it for the first time. Everything he sees is his first time seeing it. That’s incredible to me, and I can’t wait to see what kind of person he is. He might be totally opposite from what Stephanie and I are, and that’s okay. I want him to be who he is. Of course as long as that person is someone with good character. I want him to have integrity, honesty, resolution, drive, and all of those other things any father wants. Those are principles you can build a successful and happy life on. Everything else is up to him. Computers, horses, sports, music, business, and any profession is completely up in the air, and I want him to pursue his passions.

This is super excited to talk about and I could go on forever. I just can’t wait to meet him. Hopefully tomorrow’s events go quickly and easily. He’s got a fantastic family waiting for him to join us. I love him so much already.