Europe Bound!

Tue, Jan 24, 2017 2-minute read

I’m on my first ever trip across the Atlantic Ocean. I’m headed to the Czech Republic for work and I’m both excited and super nervous about the whole ordeal. I’ve only ever traveled to another country one time, and it was just to the Dominican Republic as a big group. This time I’m traveling with a co-worker so I’m still not alone, but more alone than I was the last time. We’re going to be in Prague the first day we’re there and then headed to Brno for a developer conference. I’m excited about being there and seeing the sights, but I’m definitely going to be missing my family a ton. I haven’t been away from them for this long since Sam was born. I went to Boston for a week back then and that was even hard. Sam is older now though, so it’s a bit tougher. He doesn’t know that I’m going to be gone that long, and it was hard to leave him. Not going to lie. I cried a bit.

Anyway, I’m planning on getting a ton of reading done while I’m on the plane and I might watch a movie or two as well. I brought Hellboy and a couple Pixar movies. I try not to watch anything too crazy when I’m on the plane next to people. As much as I love watching Deadpool, it’s probably not the kind of movie I want to watch around other folks. I’m actually super considerate when it comes to sitting next to people and would hate for them to be offended by my entertainment choices. I’m hoping I can finish my star wars book before I have to take it back to the library. I have until Friday and I’m almost 50% of the way through it. I think I can pull it off.

My plane just got to the gate! Yay! I might write some while I’m on the plane as well. I could write a short story about Jim Doogan if I want. That would be pretty awesome and it could help me adjust his tone a bit. If I do write a story about him, it’s going to be an awesome treasure hunt. Maybe not from his perspective either. What if it was a lot like Treasure Island. That could be really fun :D.

Here I go!