Introspective Stephen

Fri, Jul 7, 2017 2-minute read

This blog has been neglected, then un-neglected, then neglected again for years. Over and over I’ve attempted to bring it back to life and start writing stuff in it again. I haven’t been able to maintain any schedule that I thought I would be able to. That’s really unfortunate.

I’m at a point in my online presence where so much of who I am is out there in the world. So many of the things I started years ago are still around even though I’ve grown into a different person. Every now and then I’ll change a theme or update the look of the art to kind of force my new outlook and new experiences into my old world. That doesn’t seem to scratch the itch like it used to. I am the kind of person that chases change and exciting new developments. It comes out mainly in my hobbies and my shopping habits. Newest. Latest. Best. That’s where I’m at. It’s also the name of a fantastic podcast >_>

I say all that to say that I’m on the verge of considering a full wipe of everything. That’s not to say that all the history I’ve built up is going away, but it might be sat to the side in favor of rebooting. I wasn’t a father a billion years ago when I started this blog. I wasn’t a guy with podcasts. I wasn’t even out of college yet. I don’t even really know if I was in college at the time, I’d have to go back to look. There’s so much that I could do that I’m not doing and I need to start making some changes.

Who knows how far this extends, and what I lose when I move along to something new? Who knows if I’m even going to do it? It’s just one of the many things floating around in my head today. I’ll be giving it some thought over the next few weeks and we’ll see where I end up. H&H is coming up on Episode 400. That’s been weighing on me a bit. It’s Episode 400 and we’re largely at the same listener count we’ve been at for years. Is that okay? Should we be fine with that? Maybe the answer is yes. I don’t know. The market is pretty saturated now and it’s hard to get noticed by people. I guess we’ll see what I decide to do with that as well. BAH! Introspective Stephen is Introspective.