Quality Wordsmithing

Fri, Jan 5, 2018 One-minute read

Well, now that I have a new blog setup, the journey to something presentable is underway. I like that Ghost is super simple, but I’m finding that any decent themse are hard to come by. I’m probably going to be hunting down something I can edit and then doing my best to make it happen. I have this horribly plain header I dumped up at the top but I’m definitely going to need something at least a little snazzy. This one is minimalist, but pretty darn boring.

I don’t want to be boring. I’m going to need this to be a fun experience, so I’m going to need some art. If you do some art, and have a good idea of what a header should look like for a neato, personal, sometimes tech related blog, then hit me up.

I’m also going to need some content that’s worth reading. As I always do, I’m focusing on the aesthetic first. Who needs quality wordsmithing when you have beautiful graphics everywhere, right? I mean, that’s not true at all but it helps me get going.