Eclectic Magic

Mon, Jan 8, 2018 2-minute read

I’ve always enjoyed writing. When I was a little kid I would make up stories all the time, and occasionally, with the right pressure, I would write them down. Most of the time it was for assignments in school, but every now and then I would write something small just for me. I have a motivation problem, and a bit of a procrastination problem, but I still love writing when I sit down to do it.

This blog and my daily journal have both been positive for my writing habits. I’m starting to work it into my daily routine and not just do it because I have to, but I honestly sit down and write because I want to. It’s surprising to think that even enjoyable stuff sometimess needs to be exercised a bit for you to start doing it. The more I write things down, the more I want to write things down.

There is a competition going on at a small publisher that one of our H&H friends works for. She’s told both Ashley and I that we need to submit a story for this one and I may have cracked the topic I want to cover. It’s supposed to a tale of “whimsy and adventure” there is some sort of eclectic hook regarding magic. I wrote a short story a while back based on a small writing prompt that Ashley gave me, and I really still love the premise. I wrote the whole thing in less than an hour and it really stuck with me. I’m considering going back and rehashing that into a story for the contest. Not too much has to be done other than lengthening it a bit and adding some real high stakes.

For today, though, it’s time to get my head back in the game and do my job. I have a few ideas for things I want to tackle today. The trick is getting started early so I don’t fall into a slump too early. I was up far too late playing Stardew Valley last night. SURPRISE! So I have to pull myself up by my bootstraps in order to get things going. Maybe this coffee will help.