Fri, Jan 12, 2018 2-minute read

My friend Chris got me the snazziest notebook for Christmas, and after a couple weeks with it, I am LOVING it. It’s called Rocketbook, and its basic premise is that you can write on its pages with an eraseable pen, and then take pictures of it using their app. That app will then send to a number of services based on which of the symbols you marked at the bottom of the page. You just write, mark the symbol, take a picture, then BOOM! Your work is on Evernote, Slack, emailed to yourself/someone else, and more.

The funny thing is, I haven’t taken that many pictures. The thing that is striking me is that I’m really enjoying writing on the pages. The pen writes incredibly smooth and I’m finding it to be a joy to write on even without scanning it to some online service. It also lays flat which is super nice and makes it easy to write on the desk. It uses Pilot Frixion pens, so there’s no special Rocketbook branded pen you have to get. These pens erase very well and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how clean the book feels. They include a microfiber cloth so you can wipe it clean as well.

I’m really happy to have this thing and am continuing to find cool ways to work it into my workflow. I’m an analog person when it comes to taking notes, and this is a great compromise in order to bring some of that into the digital world.