Mon, Jan 25, 2021 2-minute read

I have spent the last couple days still day dreaming a bit on what to do with this blog and trying to get it to a pretty suitable replacement for Wordpress. I mean, I’m there, but one thing is missing: Comments.

I looked at a bunch of solutions to try to enable comments here, but so far nothing has done the trick for me. I went through almost all the systems that Hugo lists on it’s site, but the one I wanted the most seems to now be unsupported and the others just leave a bit to be desired, or require more effort than I’d like. Disqus is still a thing I can use, but the bummer about it is that I can’t modify the way it looks and it does not fit the vibe that I’m going for here.

In short, you’re not going to be able to leave comments. That’s not the worst thing though. I don’t have to deal with spambots, and you can just tweet at me if you have a comment.

If you think this is the end of the journey though, you haven’t been following along with me for long enough. I get obsessive, and I doubt this is the last time that I’ll try to poke around wiht a solution for this thing. The one solution that did seem pretty cool to me was from a service called Staticman that doesn’t appear to be supported anymore. That one actually treated every comment as a Pull Request to Github where this project lives. If you accept the pull request, then you accept the comment, and that comment gets dumped onto the page. That’s a fascinating idea, and might be something worth exploring in the future.

For now, I’m just going to enjoy the way I have this setup and move on for a bit. After all, there is much more to talk about than just all this nerdy stuff, and I’m definitely interested in doing more of that.