The Squeeze

Sat, Feb 6, 2021 2-minute read

This pandemic has been rough on everyone. We’ve been in it for nearly a year and I’ve been one of those people thtat has tried to do what’s right and not go out and spread my germs around to everyone. That means that we’ve mostly been staying inside, or playing around the house. Winter has only compounded all the issues that come with that kind of solitude.

Here in February, we’re officially past all the big holidays, gatherings, and things to look forward to. Not that I participated in any gatherings, but knowing all those exciting things were going on was at least something to think about. We’re in the heavy winter doldrums now. It’s cold outside, there aren’t any work holidays coming in the near future, and we’re entering what I’m calling the Squeeze. The time when every day looks the same and there isn’t much to see that’ different from day to day.

I’m struggling to find a way to get through it. Stephanie and I are talking about just getting a house somewhere for a week and just changing the scenery. I think that might be the best shot we have at breaking the monotony of the whole thing. I worry about Sam suffering through this whole thing. He should be in Kindergarten, and having a blast learning cool stuff and playing with friends on a playground. I try not to think hard on it because there’s nothing really we can do to help it, but its hard not to.

I write all this for other folks who might be in the Squeeze. You aren’t alone. This has been a really hard year, and at this point, I’m just living for tiny moments throughout the whole thing where we can see some magic. If anything, I hope I come out of this remembering what this feels like, and not putting off until tomorrow what I can go do today.

Whew, writing all that out feels better. Let’s go do something now. I think I’m going to clean the house and get rid of a bunch of old junk. That should make me feel a bit better. Let’s Roll!