Two of My Favorite People

I missed blogging yesterday, but I’m going to have a whole post about why that happened. I do have something really good to talk about tonight, and it has to do with my status that I left the other day. I wanted to make sure I kept up with my blogging so I posted something minor and that got me by. I’m going to forgive myself for yesterday’s missed blog because I have a totally legitimate excuse for it. What I want to write about now is the awesome time I had with our good friends Peyton and Josh. 

Back in the Saddle

I feel like I may die.

Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but I think it’s accurate. I started back on P90X today in order to get myself back in shape. I can’t seem to stick to anything, but I’m giving this another go. Way back in 2012 I had actually been fairly consistent with doing exercise. I was really starting to gain some muscle and feel better about myself, but I fell off the wagon hard after about 2 months of doing it. That really bummed me out, and it’s always hard to get back at it when that happens. Today was my first day back, and I already wish I had never quit. It’s so hard on your body when you first start exercising. I thought I was going to throw up when I finished 0_0. 

It’s 1/1/11!!11!

This is my first post of the new year, 2011. It’s a whole lot like the last post I had from 2010, in that it contains text. Many changes are in store, I can tell already.

I have to say that last night’s Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve was a little weird. Why did they have the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block come to perform? They weren’t even popular this DECADE, much less this year. I guess NKOTB were popular, but only because they went on tour and moms (who were once kids in 1990) went to see them. If you put it that way, then I guess it makes sense.

I didn’t do a whole lot today but eat some good food and read an AMAZING comic book. My parents got me “Superman: Earth One” for Christmas, and it is probably one of the BEST Superman origin stories that I’ve ever read or heard. There is so much heart in this book. It really deals with Clark Kent’s reluctance to use his powers or to demonstrate his abilities at all. One of the most interesting things is that his parents were pushing him to not hold back, and to use his powers and be who he is. He’s the one with the reservations about whether he wants to do that or not. It really focuses on the struggle that Clark has on whether to sacrifice a possible “normal” life by showing who he is to the world. He, of course, realizes that Earth needs him to be it’s hero.

One of the COOLEST parts of this book was his mother’s explanation of why he doesn’t need to wear a mask. *SPOILER ALERT* She basically tells him that the people of Earth will be afraid of his abilities from the start. She says that the world needs to see the honesty, generosity, and caring in his eyes and face in order to trust him. “The mask is what you will have to wear the rest of the time.” I thought that that was such an awesome way of explaining why Superman chooses to wear glasses and mess with his hair to disguise himself, rather than the other way around like Batman, the Green Lantern, or any other masked hero. Every Superman fan should really check this story out. I loved it.

Well, I’m sitting in Stephanie’s room at her parents’ house thinking about going to bed. She’s packing for her next rotation in Huntington and I’m headed back to MoTown tomorrow. I finally pulled the trigger and got my World of Warcraft account back. I’m really excited about it, because it is such an awesome game and I can’t wait to play with my friends again. I was never really obsessed or addicted the first time I logged on and I don’t plan on getting that way now. It’s just a fun game to play when you have some downtime. An addict would say that, wouldn’t he? 😛

Have a great year everybody!

The Walking Dead

I saw the new AMC series, The Walking Dead, last night.

I’m going to start out this review by saying that I am a HUGE fan of the comic book by Robert Kirkman. It’s one of those books that grabs you from the beginning and never lets you go. Kirkman is absolutely indifferent to all of his characters to the point that he will kill off any one of them even if he knows you love them. This is a real world that he’s created, where the hero can die and what you view as a forgettable character can easily become the most important. I’ll just say that his world looks to translate beautifully to the screen.

This is not the zombie show you’re looking for…or maybe it is. If you are a huge fan of the zombie flicks that have been produced in this new zombie obsessed world (ie. Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland), then you may be disappointed by The Walking Dead’s moody, dark, serious tone. The movies that have come out in the last ten years have tended to use people as backdrops and zombies as the main characters. You’re really just watching to see who dies next and who fills the stereotypes that you’re used to. This is not that show.

In The Walking Dead, we’re dealing with real, living, breathing characters who have emotions, quirks, and real issues that matter. This is a story of people who are dropped into an impossible situation with one goal: survive. This story isn’t about the “jump” scares. It’s really about watching good people fall apart in the face of this kind of disaster. Rick Grimes, the main character, is the first guy we meet. The show opens with him searching for gas at an abandoned gas station and running into a little girl that turns out to be a zombie (a word that is not used in the show, by the way.) From the first scene of this series you know that it is going to show every bit of what it takes to kill a zombie. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t pan away when a little zombie girl gets shot through the forehead. You get shown every gory bit.

Frank Darabont, of Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile fame, is directing and producing the series and I don’t think a better person could have been picked. You can tell from the first scene that he respects this series and it’s characters. He’s helped to create the perfect mood for an extended zombie story. It’s bleak, sad, and at sometime heart wrenching. Following Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, as he tries to figure out what’s going on and where his family is is devastating. He basically breaks down when he arrives at home to find it deserted and his wife and son missing. Imagine waking up in a world where dead people are walking around and you can’t find anyone to ask a question. This is what he’s woken up in and it’s captured perfectly.

I cannot wait to see where this series goes. I can tell already that they are taking certain liberties with the comic book, but that’s all well and good. Kirkman has blessed this series and even has an executive producer credit on this masterpiece. The TV series has an advantage in knowing exactly where these characters should end up and can choose however it wants to show how they get there. This is a zombie story about characters, not the zombies. This is a story that wants you to care about the people you’re watching, and so far it’s done a fantastic job. I cannot wait for next Sunday night.

The Walking Dead

I have just completed reading all of the current volumes of The Walking Dead, and I have to say that this is the most compelling and interesting comic that is being written today. I was on a quest recently to find a comic to read other than the same old superhero stuff that I’m reading, and picked up this gem. There is a huge world of comics and graphic novels out there that are begging to be read by me, and this one was the first one that I decided to pick up.

The Walking DeadFrom the first page of this book, I was already hooked to it and begging for more. The series is written by Robert Kirkman with art by Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn. The first book is the only one done by Tony Moore, and the art is incredible. It’s a completely black and white book which gives it a dark and dreary mood to start with. The premise is that the world has been overrun by Zombies (though they are rarely referred to as such), and picks up in a very “28 days later” style with a man waking up in the hospital and very confused. The man is named Rick and you get to know him real well throughout the series. He embarks on a quest to find his wife and son, and actually finds them pretty quick. That’s where the story really begins.

One thing that I loved about this series is the way the characters interact with each other. Robert Kirkman has breathed life into these people in a way that I rarely see in comics or even a lot of novels I’ve read. They are all distinctly different with their own problems, losses, and emotions. You begin to feel for these characters in a way that you don’t expect as you watch them struggle through the anarchy and danger of this new world. The zombies in the book are really just a backdrop to the real human drama that would likely take place if we were all forced out of our homes and into a world where there are no more laws, and people are forced to band together whether they like it or not.

One of the things about the series that I love is the art. I especially love Tony Moore’s work in the first volume. I hated to see him depart from the series, aside from doing most of the covers. His style is very cartoonish, but very real all at the same time. I took great notice in the details of his drawings, mostly in the way the zombies are decayed and just in every aspect of the characters expressions. There is one particular scene where one of the characters is bit in the arm by the zombie, and the wound is so gruesome that I cringed when I saw it, and it hurt me just to look at it. The most amazing thing is that he captures the moment in monochrome instead of color. Cliff Rathburn and Charlie Adlard do a great job as well, but there is something about Tony Moore’s style that I totally dig.

Anyway, to bring an end to this WAY too long blog post, I hope you guys get the opportunity to check out The Walking Dead and you enjoy it. It’s definitely R rated in every way, so keep it away from the kids :).