Oprah 2020 – Have We Learned Nothing

The last thing we really need is Oprah.

It has come to my attention that there is some legit speculation that Oprah (yes, that Oprah) is looking into a presidential run in 2020.

We don’t need that. At all.

It’s easy for people to go to bat for her, given that she is one of the most well liked people in America, but I think they easily forget that she is also quite hated amongst people who love Trump. I’ve met people who hate Oprah. None of what they have told me seems like real reasons you should hate a person, but they hate her nonetheless. If we consider for even a minute that that won’t matter in 2020, we learned nothing from this past election.

I was no Hillary fan, but I definitely would have taken her over the giant orange turd that we got. Honestly, if we intend to get rid of this guy, we are going to need someone low key and unpolarizing. Somebody who really DOES want to work with both sides of the aisle. I hate that we even have two teams, but since we do, acknowledging it and deciding that we need to work together is the only way out of this mess.

I’m really hoping this Oprah 2020 stuff fizzles out, but I have no idea what to think anymore. I thought the Trump thing was a surefire loss, but I was wrong. My fellow Americans apparently thought he was the voice of reason and truth despite a lifelong record showing he’s a dirtbag to the core. There’s also talk of Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson running. He also seems to be an upstanding guy, but NO. Just No.

Let’s find a level-headed gentlemen or woman that has worked in politics. That understands the systems. They may not be everything we want in a president, but I’m sure they’ll be at least somewhat functional and able to hit the ground running. There are people on both sides who I could get behind. I mean, I’m a registered independent so I don’t believe in teams anyway. Just bring out your good ideas, let me consider the bad ones, and we’ll find some way to make it work.

Much like Mugato, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.