Friday, Friday, Gonna Get Down on Friday

Someone kill me for getting that song stuck in my head.

I promised myself that I would blog everyday, and I’m not going to let being sick and tired on a Friday night stop me from my goal. That being said, I have no idea what to talk about. I ate at out at Outback tonight with Stephy, Smashface, and Jefferson. Smashy and Jeff got here tonight to hang out with us this evening and into tomorrow. I’m glad they’re here because they’re pretty cool folks! That’s a lie… I love them unconditionally. That’s truth. 

My Desktop

I just thought everybody should see this wallpaper and desktop setup because I’m very proud! I didn’t make the wallpaper or anything, but I’m pretty sure it belongs on everyone’s desktop. Computers can be way too distracting. The little white text stuff in the corner is my Geek Tool setup. I’ve got it running the 15 latest Tweets from all my Twitter friends, plus a calendar…just because. The Twitter feed updates every 5 minutes with the latest stuff and I love it. It just kind of sits itself on the desktop and you can’t interact with it directly so no accidental drags or clicks or anything. It’s really awesome! Click the picture for a full (and much bigger) one!

My Desktop


I couldn’t take it anymore! I finally updated the theme to my blog. I actually really dig this one. It needs to some tweaking, but I really like it! If it doesn’t do everything I need I guess I can revert, but for now I’m really liking this one 🙂


So I just spent the last hour and a half trying to find a new theme to spruce up my blog and ended up realizing that the one I have is just fine. There are SO many wordpress themes out there that look cool, but none of them really meet my needs. I just need a simple theme for a blog that is easy to edit so I can make it more unique to me. I played with one for a while that I thought would be awesome, but it just ended up not working out. i think I just need to put more pictures in my posts to make my blog look snazzier.