A few weeks ago, I decided to significantly reduce my time on social media. I would just avoid looking at it if I could, and so far I’ve done a decent job. I rarely look at Facebook and I think I’m better for it. Twitter is still a problem for me but it’s been less of one thanks to me no longer keeping Tweetdeck in my pinned tabs. I still have issues with it on my phone, but I’m better.

Not Better Enough

I’m going to do an experiment through the month of March where I completely blackout Twitter and Facebook from my life. I’m not going to be able to use them. How?! you ask. Well, I’m a computer nerd so I have a few tricks that will help. They won’t keep me from finding ways or even reversing what I’ve done, but the goal is to at least put a roadblock in the way. I’m going to add these lines to my hosts file:

From there I’m just going to hope for the best. That’ll keep any requests to Twitter or Facebook from finding their way to the servers at the end of the line. I can always remove one or both of those lines from the hosts file and be back to square one, but at least this will put a logical barrier in the way.

In terms of phone usage, I’m just going to remove the apps from my phone. I could put a block in my router at home, but that will effect everyone, and frankly, I’m not out to impose my life choices on everyone else.

We’re just going to have to see how it goes! If you primarily contact me through either of these means, you’re just going to have to find another way. Leave a comment on this post, come find me in our 2Dorks Discord Server, or email me. If you’re a good friend, I hope you at least have my phone number.

If you’d like to join me in my social experiment, comment below and let’s do it together!

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Crash FIX

I don’t normally post this kind of thing on the blog, but I had such a hard time finding the fix for this that I felt compelled to put it up here.

I started up The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for the first time in a long time the other day. Much to my dismay, it crashed on startup. I tried again. Crash! Nothing seemed to work. Googling the problem revealed that it is an issue that arose after Nvidia released the version 369 driver. I’m on 373 or something and I just didn’t want to have to roll back.

If you are running into this problem, there is a really simple fix.

Download the d3d9.dll file and drop it in <SteamLibrary>/steamapps/common/The Secret of Monkey Island or whever your game directory is

That’s all it takes! It fired up and worked like a charm. The file is used for better performance in Skyrim but it does the trick for this issue as well.

Here’s a link to the file hosted onĀ

Some Are More Sick Than Others

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the good ol’ blog here, but there’s no way I’m going to let it go as long as I did before! That would be unforgivable at this point. Not after doing so much to catch up with everything my life. I have a handful of things to talk about tonight in quick succession, but I’m also slightly distracted by watching this show about the circus on Hulu. Hopefully I can write a paragraph or two before I get distracted and can’t focus on what I’m doing.

I finally got a new laptop!! After a crazy long amount of time without one (for me anyway), I was finally able to find one that works. I ended up with a 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina Display. I love this thing! I was able to find it refurbished as soon as the price dropped on new ones. It was only $1269 for the one I ended up with. It has everything I want in a laptop. It’s a little short on storage (128GB) but I’m not too worried about that because I don’t intend to really store a whole lot of things on it. I don’t really want to put pictures, music or videos on it. It will mostly be for work and for browsing the internet. It will also handle on-the-go podcasting when Ash and I end up going to a con or something. I think it’s going to be great. So far it’s pretty much changed my life when it comes to work. My work laptop was garbage, so using this has really changed things.

I also got to go to Pine Knoll Shores, NC with Stephanie this past weekend! We wanted to have a little getaway so that we could just go be with each other and not be anywhere near home. She used to vacation at the Outer Banks when she was younger and always wanted to take me there. We had an amazing time! We got to eat at some great places that she used to go to when she was younger, and we were at the beach! I love the beach! I found a ton of epic seashells. I usually don’t get into that stuff, but I had so much fun walking around on the beach picking up shells. Steph took tons of pictures of the birds out there too. There were seagulls and sandpipers all over the place. We only spent one day there, but the day we spent was fantastic. The downside was, like all of our vacations, that I got sick while we were there. I got a cold basically on THE day that we wanted to go out and play. I powered through but I’m still suffering from it today.

Then the bad news came. We got a call from Mama on Saturday that PawPaw was headed back to the hospital in an ambulance because he was dehydrated again. This was the second time in a week that he had been on a ride to the hospital and it looks like this will be his last trip there. They took him in on Saturday and by early Tuesday morning they had called all of the family in. They ended up taking him off the fluids due to his lungs filling up, and he’s basically just on enough drugs to keep him comfortable right now. It’s been a pretty tough week on my whole family. Not so much for me because I’m not there, but I’m trying to be as supportive as I can be. It’s tough in general because I know my grandpa is in the hospital and won’t be coming home. It’s times like these that I wish we had had more opportunities to know him better. I would love to know him like my mom does. I’m really bothered that I don’t have that close knit relationship with him that a lot of other people I know have with their grandparents. Some people basically have second parents in their grandparents, but mine were always so distant. It’s no fault of their own or ours, we just weren’t there because we couldn’t be. We just didn’t live close.

I just really want his last few days to be comfortable for him and for him to be able to be peaceful. I can’t imagine how scared he must be just to go to sleep and not be sure if he’ll wake up or not. I just keep praying for him to have some peace and for my family to be okay also. I know everything will be fine, but we just have to get through all of this.

Well, that blog post was all over the place. Maybe I can write more often so I don’t have to cover as much random emotional ground. Eh, whatever. It’s my blog and you basically just witnessed my stream of consciousness. Scary isn’t it?

Laptops and Guns

This weekend has been really good for me so far! I’ve been able to do some pretty fun things and at least one “first” for me. On Friday, my new laptop came! I finally broke down and pulled the trigger on a new machine. I’ve been without a laptop since probably October of last year. Thanks, mostly, to my thought that if I sold my laptop I would be able to quickly purchase a new one using the money I earned. I pulled in $300 for my old laptop and that didn’t quite do it for me. We ended up needing to use that for other stuff and I was out my $300 savings. So I spent the next months planning my next purchase, much to the frustration of all of my friends. I finally managed to pull it off and come up with something that I could use and enjoy!

I picked up a 13″ Macbook Pro with Retina display! I got it off the Apple refurb store, and ended up saving me $230 over all. It’s from late October so it’s not even that old, which is great. They did just release some updates but it only really bumped the processor by 100Mhz, which really doesn’t do that much for me anyway. It has 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. The SSD is really small, but after getting everything installed I still have 95GB of storage left over. Considering I don’t download music off iTunes (Spotify) and I won’t be using this for Photos so much (needs TONS of storage), I think it will do me for a while. I also have the option of upgrading the storage at some point since it isn’t soldered on, so I can always do that in the future if I really get in a bind. The cloud has really helped out with this whole small storage thing. I also won’t be using it for gaming. It’s mostly going to be used at work and just to have something portable for blogging, doing work in the living room, and other types of things. I love it so far and I’m pumped about it šŸ™‚

I also got to go to a gun show this weekend! My father-in-law is really into guns and stuff so it was kind of cool to go with him. He ended up finding a guy who was selling the steel ammo cases for $12 a piece. That’s a killer deal apparently. I think he bought four of them. I wandered around a bit just to see what gun shows were all about. There was a ton of stuff there. They had everything from revolvers, to assault weapons, to knives, to baseball cards. Not sure how the baseball cards belonged in there, but I guess people there were just collectors of things for the most part anyway. There was some really cool WWI and WWII stuff there too. I saw some gas masks, leather holsters, and other things that were really old.

All the people were really nice too. I ended up buying a few sticks of beef jerky that were delicious. Go figure I would go to a gun show and sniff out some delicious food. The guy was selling jalapeno beef jerky and he just mentioned it as I was walking by. It was delicious! It had just the right amount of heat to it. It didn’t hurt but it made your tongue tingle a little bit. My brother-in-law, Stephen, and his son were also there and it was good hanging out with them too. Stevie, his son, is a really cool kid and he’s got a lot of the same interests that I have. It’s kind of nice to be able to nurture some of his hobbies and things so I can help him get into some cool stuff. He’s really into linux right now so I’m glad I have that experience to help him get into some things. I hope I’m doing it all right 0_o

Well, I have to get up super early and go to the church in the morning to help put the stage together. I’m really excited about it. It’s the second time I’ll be helping out so I really hope that I can do a decent job and remember what to do. It’s a little intimidating but I think I can pull it off. I’m just going to dive in headfirst and do some stuff and hopefully it will all come together. Everybody is really nice so I’m not too worried about. Hooray for doing something good!!


I have been thinking about a laptop to purchase for at least the past six months. I sold my old black Macbook to a buddy of mine, Ben, for $300 in hopes of using that money to buy another laptop. Well, sometimes stuff happens and you have to use your $300 of easily earned money for something else. So for all this time I’ve been without a portable machine to call my own. I’m actually using Stephanie’s to write this blog post. I keep bouncing around which laptop I want, and I’m not sure that I’m anywhere near close tot he answer. All I know right now is that I want it to be a Mac.

Burritos and Budgets

WOW, my shoulders, back, arms, and chest are absolutely killing me today! Clearly I did some work yesterday. But that’s not what tonight is about. I already wrote a paragraph about that yesterday.

Stephanie has come up with an unbelievable vegetarian recipe. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But, Stephen! That’s impossible! NothingĀ vegetarianĀ could possibly be good!” Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but BEANS are vegetables! So you can fill up a delicious whole grain tortilla with beans, rice, and magical salsa and you will have a glorious dinner for yourself. Pack that sucker full of jalapenos and you’ve increased the awesome eminating from the burrito 10 fold. It’s seriously one of my favorite meals to eat, and it’s actually really good for you. This is all part of our “eat better, live better” diet that we’re trying out. I don’t know why I named it that. I just came up with it on the fly.


This whole “posting every day” thing is going to really force me to come up with some content so I feel like it’s even worth writing a post. I know that I’ll appreciate all this later, but most of my life seems so boring when it’s happening. I always look back and wish I had written stuff down though, so if anything this is a log of my boring life as a normal dude. Speaking of writing every day, I totally missed the midnight deadline for this one. I’m going to go ahead and count it anyway since it’s only 12:30am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

Friday, Friday, Gonna Get Down on Friday

Someone kill me for getting that song stuck in my head.

I promised myself that I would blog everyday, and I’m not going to let being sick and tired on a Friday night stop me from my goal. That being said, I have no idea what to talk about. I ate at out at Outback tonight with Stephy, Smashface, and Jefferson. Smashy and Jeff got here tonight to hang out with us this evening and into tomorrow. I’m glad they’re here because they’re pretty cool folks! That’s a lie… I love them unconditionally. That’s truth.Ā 

Down with the Sickness

I have a cold. This is poop.

Aside from my ailments, I’m doing pretty good this 3rd day of our brand new year. I’ve been working on this project at work that I kind of brought on myself and it’s leading me down a weird path I never thought I would ever really bother with. I’m trying to build a web app for looking up user accounts and adding them to our system. I have the bare bones of it worked out, with a little splash of color with a nice GUI. My buddy, Dave, keeps giving me a hard time because emphasize look so much over functionality. I can’t help it, man. It’s just the way my brain operates.Ā