Life Rules

This is a running list of rules that I’ve been compiling for years. Every now and then, something will happen in my life that I realize should either never happen again, or always happen. Other rules are just bits of wisdom that I’ve heard over the years and don’t want to forget. I’m sharing them here and vaguely promising that I’ll keep it updated. There’s a good chance I’ll forget, but here’s the running list.

Again, these are MY life rules. They may not apply to you and you may not agree. Enjoy.

  1. Never put anything in your mouth as part of a competition or race.
  2. Never shop while drunk.
  3. Always tip 20% or more
  4. Measure twice, cut once
  5. Never wear pants with a stretchy waist band regularly
  6. Always dress respectably when you go out into the world. You never know who you’ll run into
  7. Never treat with alcohol what you can treat with quiet time, honest conversation, or a cup of hot chocolate
  8. Deal with your problems as they arise. It’s never convenient, and poor choices tend to rot over time. They don’t get better
  9. Read. Not all readers are good leaders, but all good leaders are readers.
  10. Be a little uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing as a person.
  11. If you have to poop 3 times or more at work/school, go home. No exceptions.
  12. Never be jealous of people. They are just in more debt than you.
  13. When it comes to medicine, always follow the rules on the label.
  14. When it comes to money. Save 10%, Give 10%, enjoy the rest.
  15. Never burn bridges. You might need them one day.
  16. Get lost once in a while. You might find something.
  17. Your present self always looks impressive to the person you were before
  18. Never hire the roofing people that come around after a hail storm. Call up a reputable local roofer for help
  19. No one can transfer the love of an object to another person. If the thing means nothing to you, get rid of it.
  20. Never ask a person what they did with the gift you gave them. After you give it, it ceases to exist in your mind.
  21. Try something a minimum of three times before writing it off.
  22. Be kind. For everyone is fighting a hard battle.