one novel coming right up

hey everybody! Man did I have one groove-tastic weekend. The halloween party was kickin’ and my costume was everything I ever wanted it to be.


Oh man oh man!! I’m finally here! Chillin in good ol’ WV.

one killer costume

Oh man!! So I recently found out that I am going to West Virginia to be with Stephanie at this ever so awesome halloween party she is planning with Lando and Ashley.

groovy writing contest

Yes, I realize I posted only moments ago but this was irrelevant to that topic….


I found out a really cool thing as I sat here in school browsing the internet.


Man, let me tell you something about this new Sum 41 cd.

Good Charlotte surprised me...

Man I have been listening to some awesome music these last few days, hence the lack of posts.

straylight run

If you have ever wanted to experience instrumental euphoria, I strongly suggest taking a listen to Straylight Run’s “Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway)”.

It's been a while

Man, It’s been a few days since I’ve posted on here.

The Sims 2 and Pure Volume

Man, I have been jamming to some awesome music this morning at school.