Hey everybody! Looks like a hurricane is gonna blow us away…again.


Hey everybody! Man, I’m in class and was a little bored so I thought I would leave a post!

200 gigs of goodness

Boy, today was certainly not an interesting day. I didn’t do too much but watch a couple movies and count change.

I had my ears lowered

Hey! Its a new haircut! Looks kinda goofy because I was working in the yard and I have hat hair and…yeah you’re right, I’m just making excuses.

love bug = the devil

Man I had an adventure today! I went to the citgo station and just got back.

Ivan the Terrible

Man was today a good day! I finally beat Ninja Gaiden.

Hey everybody! I just wanted to leave a short post letting you know that you can reach my site by typing www.

HOLY CRAP, good mornin' everybody

Man is my internet slow. It took me a good 5 minutes to get from theblogger.

I have some .INFO for you

Hey EVERYBODY! Its me Steve…obviously. I just thought I would post and tell you guys about a little deal that I found.

thanks for wasting my time.

Boy has this day been UNEVENTFUL! Here we are in Tallahassee waiting patiently for Frances to come and wipe out everything, then nothing happens!