death cab for HTML

I discovered screenshots just now….yeah I know I should’ve known how to do that but anyway!


Check out this SWEET new workstation setup. I found this old monitor in my shed and hooked it up to my Powerbook G4.


Hey Everybody! I found some really awesome tools for you Bittorrent users out there.

BEHOLD! the century cam!

I found an interesting article as I was roaming the internet!

do or do not, there is no try

So this is how my Starship Enterprise turned out…pretty sweet huh?


I found an interesting commentary just now about the implausibility of having a trash compactor on the Death Star.


The other side of my room with my guitars, and my oh so glorious Marshall half stack!


Behold! My room…and the mess contained within. Just thought you might like to see!

smokin' cigarettes and watchin' captain kangaroo

Man a lot of stuff happened today…or at least I feel like a lot of stuff happened today.

What a Day!

Man, let me tell you something cool about today. I have been playing with this Blog pretty much since I got home.