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I’m just going to come right out and say it:

The internet is getting freaking ridiculous!

I mean, honestly, how many different social networking, news commenting, bookmarking, content distribution web sites does one internet need?! I’m sure by now that most of you who use a Gmail account have noticed that Google has opted you into a new service it has called Buzz. This is not going to be a “Buzz hating” post, because I actually think the service is kind of neat. My problem is that Buzz is just another cog in this ridiculous machine that does the same thing as some other service and even interconnects with that same service. Do we really need another status updating service to keep track of?

I am one of the many highly connected people that live and work on the internet. I use Twitter, Blippy, gdgt, Google Wave, Facebook, and I was even a member of Pownce when it was still around. All of these different services can pretty much interconnect with each other in one way or another. The whole “what are you doing?” concept that Twitter came up with is now invading every facet of our internet lives. Some people update Facebook which updates Twitter. I like to update Twitter which updates Facebook. Now we’ve got Buzz which can update Twitter or receive updates from Twitter. This post is way too hard to write O_o.

I guess the main thing I’m getting to is, how much is too much? I really only bother with Twitter for the most part and I have it update every other connected service. I guess I do that because that is all Twitter is made for. It’s the purpose of the service. Whereas Facebook and Buzz have other things they can do. Why would you want to use another service to update Twitter? It just doesn’t make sense. I just don’t know if I can keep up with an additional service for updated what I’m doing or what I’m thinking about at the time. It’s a social stream overload. I want to participate in all of these new tools, but I don’t know if I can keep up with them all!

Internet Junk

I’ve pretty much spent this entire day poking around on the internet trying to get into whatever it is one can get into on the internet. Minus the porn, though. I don’t really need to get into any of that. I’ve really just been trying to find some nifty software or websites that can do some stuff I want to do. One of the things that I have really been hunting down for the past few months is a decent comic collecting application for the Mac. I have Comic Collector Live for the PC and I absolutely LOVE it. The only problem with it is that it’s on Windows! Since I don’t use Windows as a primary machine, it’s kind of annoying to have to switch over to Parallels or Boot Camp in order to add comics to my database. It’s not that big of a deal, but why isn’t there software like this for Mac? It seems like something that would be very Mac-centric, but nobody makes anything good enough. If any of you know of something, please tell me in the comments.

Another thing I’ve been fiddling with and trying to figure out is Blippy. It’s a different kind of service that I’m trying to find a use for. Think of it as Twitter for your purchases or the items you get from services like Audible or Netflix. I think it’s kind of neat and I, of course, have a Blippy ┬ápage that you can visit and check out what I’ve been getting, though it’s pretty short. The one piece I haven’t jumped on is the credit card purchases tool. I’m currently showing my purchases from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. I think the credit card piece could be pretty awesome, but I think one would definitely want a “special” credit card that you wanted Blippy to track. That way you could hide Christmas presents or birthday presents by using a different card. I’m still trying to figure out what purpose this will serve in my all around social networking world, but I think it has some possibilities. If you are on Blippy, follow me on my page!

I’ve also hooked up Ashley, of “The Penguin Legion”, with a URL that points straight to her blog of, you guessed it, www.thepenguinlegion.com. I don’t think she knows yet, but she will once she reads this post. So add her blog to your list of favorites and visit often. She’s brilliant.

I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve really messed with today. That’s not to say it wasn’t time consuming. Searching for good software can be such a pain, especially when you have to test each one to see if it meets your needs. I think I’m going to go find some food now. Hopefully I don’t have to look much beyond the kitchen because there is about 2 feet of snow outside that I would rather not venture out into.

The Great Disaster

I find myself in a very inconvenient spot right now, and that is a spot without any internet whatsoever. I never really realize how much I lean on the internet until I don’t have it at all. To make matters worse, the TV is also not working at the moment. It is doing nothing to help me cope with the situation other than the peaceful fuzz that actually is can work pretty good as a sleep aid. At least for me, but I’m weird like that. Just in case you are wondering how on earth I am writing a blog post, the computer still works and I’m using it to document my internet-less moment.

It’s been down for a while now and I was sitting around trying to find something else to do but I just can’t seem to find anything. It’s not there aren’t things to do, I just don’t feel like doing any of the things that I could be doing. I really need to clean up my desk, or clean my bathroom, or clean … well, everything in general. I did manage to go get the mail and enjoy a few minutes of sunshine. Man, I just can’t get enough of that stuff.

The mailbox was especially kind today and greeted me with a few Netflix movies, one of them being Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live! I’m actually watching it right now and it’s freakin’ awesome! The guy is a magician on the guitar. I wish I could learn to play as good as he can, but I just think some people are born with more talent than others. I really wish that I could sing…at all. It’s fun playing guitar, but some things just can’t be expressed with only musical notes. I feel like 10 people reading this just went, “Whoa! Yes they can!” Well, maybe your right, but you can’t really get specific without some good words to accentuate the feeling of your music.

Speaking of music, I started playing guitar since the internet went down and am really enjoying myself. I’ve been trying to master two songs right now and am getting somewhere. I’ve got them down on guitar but I’m entertaining myself by trying to sing them decently too so I can enjoy playing them when I’m alone. In case you are curious, the songs are “Walk Through Hell” by Say Anything, and “The Freshmen” by The Verve Pipe. I know that “The Freshmen” is an old song, but some songs are just classic and deserve to be learned. It’s got a really sweet little acoustic riff in it and I love it.

I guess I’ll let you guys go now and I’ll continue to enjoy my Dave Matthews DVD. Not that I was holding you here or anything, because I’m pretty sure I can’t do that. Unless, of course, I’ve captivated you so much with my brilliant words that you can’t seem to pull yourself away from the computer screen. In that case, I release you! Later!