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Production Heaven

Hey Everybody! It’s been a while since I posted anything so I figured I would pop in and write something. I have been doing some awesome stuff toward Horseshoes & Hand Grenades lately, and I think it’s making the show so much better. A lot of what we’ve been able to do on the show is the same as always, but I’ve got a lot of ideas in the pot marinating. All of which will require $$$$. I don’t have a whole lot of that, so it’s going to be coming together piece by piece for a bit.

ksm27I got the opportunity to try out the Shure KSM27 microphone this past episode and it was amazing. I was able to hear so much of an improvement in the quality of my voice through this thing. It’s clear to me now that I really need a condenser mic to really improve the show. The only downside to going with this approach is that my wonderful co-host, Ashley, will still be coming through Skype and I worry that it may make her sound worse in comparison. I’ve listening to a few podcasts with high quality mics and Skype guests and it really doesn’t come off bad, so maybe it will work. I’m actually looking at getting the Heil Sound PR40 rather than the Shure. The Shure model is excellent, but I would rather have a mic that’s more shotgun style rather than the side by side.

Another thing I did recently was pick up the greatest deal on Earth: MacHeist Bundle 3. I am SO impressed with this software package.  A lot of people have been complaining that the package really isn’t that great this year, but I think they just don’t fit in the demographic that can use the software available. Most of it is geared toward content creators, like myself, who are constantly streaming video, recording video or audio, or taking and editing pictures. There are a handful of apps that are just for “normal” folks though, and those are very much worth the $39 that this package costs. It’s definitely the best deal on the internet right now.

boinxtvOne of the pieces of software that I’ve been playing with and have been the most excited about is an app called BoinxTV. This. Thing. Is. Amazing! I can do so many things with video and do it LIVE, which is the best part. Using this little app I can drop “lower-thirds” into a live stream, do 3D transitions, and use up to three cameras for a multiple camera shoot. It’s amazing and I hope to start using it on Horseshoes & Hand Grenades either this week or next. It’s opened up a whole lot of possibilities for adding bells and whistles to our show.

Well there is quick blurb for you! If you want to catch up with me more often, be sure to check out my Twitter feed! I post there a lot 🙂