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In Desperate Need of Vitamin D, But This Will Have To Do

There has been a significant lack of sunshine in the Northeast part of the US for the past MONTH, and I am definitely needing some valuable vitamin D. I think I know what Superman feels like when his powers have been sapped from being off planet too long. It’s been snowing here for the past 2 weeks and hasn’t really let up much at all. The sun has had about 5 minutes to poke through the never-ending overcast that continues to blanket the state, and it looks like there is no end in sight. Spring can’t get here soon enough.

Today IS Valentine’s Day though! It’s a day to spend with your loved ones, whether that be a significant other or not, and just appreciate who each other is. I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday with Steph up in Pittsburgh where we registered for some wedding gifts and had an awesome time at the Melting Pot stuffing our faces until they had to roll us out. It was snowy up there too, but we spent most of our time inside picking through all the kitchen stuff at Macy’s and choosing our china patterns and crystal. I’ve never had china before so I didn’t really know a whole lot about it, but Steph explained it all to me. I also got to use the little scanner thing they give you to pick out the stuff you want. Now THAT was fun. It was running Windows Mobile, which surprised me. I know, I’m a nerd.

Then, on top of all that Valentine’s Day awesomeness, Angels & Airwaves went off and released their new album for free for the masses! I know this has been done before, but this time it was a band that I’m actually really into. It’s amazing too! Tom Delonge and his crew have done it again. This one is called “Love” and it’s clear through the album that he firmly believes that love is the answer to everything. He’s right. I love that he released it on Valentine’s Day too. I donated a few bucks to them because everybody who makes something this awesome deserves some compensation, and I hope that a lot of other people donated too. These guys work hard to bring us the music we want, and at least this way we know that our money is going straight to them and not into the pockets of some crooked record producer at the top of a shiny tower. He’s probably petting a cat and laughing sinisterly too. Don’t give your money to that.

Anyway, I’m so freaking tired right now and I can’t figure out why. Maybe some Vitamin D supplements will help with my happy, but I still don’t think it’s a substitute for real live sunshine. That would be nice.

Save the Date!

Today has been a whole lot less eventful than I expected. I woke up early and, in between bouts of installing Windows 7, cleaned up the house in an attempt to make it look nice for Steph’s family when they arrived. I cleaned the sink, picked up clutter, took out trash, and made the whole place look a little better than it did. Not that there was a whole lot to do because I tend to keep things OCD clean anyway. Unless you count my desk…that thing is a mess. Anyway, I went through all of this preparation and, lo and behold, the “Winter Powerhouse” found it’s way to the Northeast US and decided to CRUSH Morgantown in it’s icy grip. This, unfortunately, meant no Steph’s family and no trip to Pittsburgh. Oh well! I guess we’ll have to plan for sometime in the middle of the week because, by golly, these brides maid dresses aren’t going to buy themselves!

It ended up being a ¬†good thing that they didn’t come up though. This storm is nuts! I’m talking crazy amounts of that fluffy stuff is falling from the sky and straight into my little corner of the planet. I swear we got 1/4 inch in about 5 minutes. It’s accumulating like crazy. Watching people trying to get up the hill across the way in their little cars is really suspenseful. So many people are running into each other it’s like watching a giant bumper car round out there. Except when these cars hit, they have to call the police. Blue lights everywhere!

Steph and I did manage to accomplish a little bit in that we got our “accommodations” cards printed to go with our Save the Date cards. These Save the Date cards turned out really well and I’m all excited about it. They are actually magnets that you can stick to the refrigerator so you can be reminded of the joyous event of which you will take part. The picture we took for it didn’t turn out half bad either. Granted it was snowing out and we were freezing to death. I think it’s pretty hard to tell that my teeth are chattering all over the place though. We did a good job masking the 5 degree shivers. Every time I see that picture I’m going to think about that now. That’s why I love looking at old pictures. They always bring back some crazy memories. I wonder how people remembered their lives before we had all this media. I guess they just told stories all the time, but I tell stories a lot and don’t remember some things until I’ve seen the pictures that are related to them. Something to think about I guess.

Now all we have to do is get our envelopes printed with all the addresses for the people receiving cards and we’ll be in business. We tried to do them on the inkjet, but the envelopes are too short and go crooked when you feed them through. I’m hoping that a print shop around here can do it so we don’t have to worry about it. One more thing to add to the list I suppose.


Today it has officially begun! Stephanie and I have booked the wedding planner that is going to carry us through until we say our vows and walk away from the altar as Mr. and Mrs. Adams. I’m so excited for this it’s ridiculous. I took some video of us talking about the what happened and everything, but I have to edit it together first. So this is the tale in text, and those of you who can’t read will have to wait until I get the video put together.

We ended up finding this wedding planner when Steph went to look at some wedding dresses just out of curiosity. She met the lady who owns the dress shop and found out that she doubles as a wedding planner. Go figure! So we set up a time to meet today and finally got to talk to her about our plans and what we want to do. She was so nice, attentive, and energetic. Steph and I both got great vibes right from the start and absolutely loved everything she had to say. She seemed very down to earth and willing to help us out and make our lives easier for the next 8 months. I think it did take Stephanie’s parents a little time to warm up to her, but there really is a lot to think about.

We’re going out with her on Monday to look at a few locations and see what we like best. We really need to find a place and then we can relax a little bit. If all else fails we both said we’d just get married in a backyard. Hopefully we can find our dream spot though and get all this squared away. Then it’s on to picking flowers, which I can only imagine will be SO much more difficult.

Big Gaps Are No Fun

I cannot believe that I haven’t sat down to type in this blog for over 4 months! I’m a sad individual. I totally blame Twitter for my absence from the blog-o-sphere. It’s become so easy to let the world know what you are doing multiple times throughout the day, and make it feel like you really don’t need a long form blog post to deliver your thoughts. I never intended to use Twitter to replace my blog but I guess I inadvertently did it anyway. Most of the stuff I say on my Twitter account is just a nice short form way of saying something I would say on my blog, but that’s just not going to do it. So here I am writing something in my blog so I can try to get back in the groove.

I don’t even know where to start but here it goes.

Steph and I have FINALLY picked a wedding date for us to get married. It’s about time if you ask me! We found out that her pharmacy rotations will start at the beginning of June so we have some time in May to get hitched. We’re planning on getting married on May 15, 2010. So keep that date in mind! I’m probably going to be streaming the whole thing live over the internet on Ustream.tv for my family and friends who can’t make it. Hopefully the venue we pick will have the ability for me to do this. I’m sure I’ll find a way regardless. I will NOT however plan the wedding around my intention to stream it. If we can do it, great, if we can’t, well that’s just the way it is.

Now the important stuff starts with this whole wedding deal. We have to get a preacher, get a place, start talking about cake, and deciding who to invite and who to skip. This is probably going to be a lot more stressful and confusing that I think it will be, but I’m so excited I don’t even know how to express it. We’ve been waiting for this for so long, and it’s great to finally see something come to fruition. We have a bunch of ideas. One of our big goals is to make this as exciting and fun for the people coming as it is for us. We’ve officially changed the name of our “reception” to the “after party.” It sounds so much more exciting that way! Reception sounds so….refined. Our wedding ceremony will be really traditional, but after that it’s party time!

This is a short blog post to just to catch you up on a couple of things. I’m probably going to be redoing this site in the near future and making it a little more fun. I’ll do more to pump some content into this sucker. I’ve got to get more motivated for it, but I think I can make it something that you guys will enjoy. Once again, I cannot stand that I have a 4 month gap in my blog posts. That’s just sad. Later!